• Uniform Guidance
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Fraud Prevention and Protection
  • Internal Controls Review
  • IRS Representation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Outsourcing
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
    • JM&M’s financial outsourcing services will improve the quality and sophistication of an organization’s financial reporting, while reducing the costs associated with internal accounting operations. Our highly skilled professionals work closely with management to determine an organization’s financial objectives, and effectively plan and manage each client’s back office operations. Using timely and accurate data, we can gauge an organization’s financial health and identify strategies to boost performance. Our experienced team of professionals will make sure the appropriate procedures are in place to ensure effective internal controls.

      Our outsourcing services include:

      • Complete general ledger accounting
      • Monthly financial statements preparation
      • Financial dashboard design and implementation
      • Audit preparation and assistance
      • Fund management and accounting